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nov 30, 2011


SAP Consultant

POSITION SUMMARY: A Consultant to develop, deploy and support improvements in SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 taking in account local features from Brazil as well as works under complete regional coordination based in Argentina.

EXPECTATIONS AND TASKS: The primary goals for this service include:

  • Assure faster and accurate implementation on SAP improvements.
  • Assure alignment with tax legislation even providing advises about changes.
  • Work with our team and Tax systems providers in order to assure integration among their solution and our SAP environment.
  • Improve productivity of our local team by closer interaction.
  • Build a support process with clear SLAs.
  • Operates fully integrated with regional team and provide collaboration.


Our current SAP version is ECC 6.0, upgraded in 2010. The same instance is applied for all countries and Brazilian localization is part of the same regional standard. As other SAP installations we have customizations and each country adopts specific development to support local business, but all of them are managed centrally in Argentina under responsibility of our regional team. The Company has made a decision to implement the TAXBRA approach to deal with tax legislation and this reduced our customization level. However the continuous changes and improvements introduced by government like Nota Fiscal 2.0, SPED, FCONT, etc. has required extra efforts to maintain our environment up to date. Additionally we have implemented solutions to cover all tax legislation (see below).

The main purpose is to have a partner into our team with capability to absorb the local business requirements working with our business partners consultants and under coordination of our regional team.


The SAP environment is composed by:

-          Financial modules: FI (ML, AR, AP), CO-PA.

-          Supply Chain modules: MM, PP, SD, TR, WMS.

-          Operations modules: PM, QM.

-          Other: BW, SAP-CRM, IE tools with web dynpro.

Complementary Tax Systems:

-          SATI: Tax books (receive all data from R/3)

-          SPED: Fiscal and accounting electronic registration (receive all data from R/3)

-          PW-NFe: Electronic Nota Fiscal (create XML files and print DANFE)


Basically the three main relevant to Brazilian localization: MM, SD, FI.

Main functions:

o             Sales and Purchasing pricing procedures.

o             IVAs configuration.

o             Accounting correspondence and impacts in FI.

o             Nota Fiscal configuration even NFe.

o             ABAP debugging.

Business Scenarios:

o             Regular (standard) sales and purchase orders.

o             ICMS with “substituição tributaria”

o             Sales to consumer.

o             Sales Promotions with non-regular items.

o             Purchase Consignment.

o             Sub-contracting to production.


Knowledge on our tax systems is surplus to differentiate the candidate.

Learning and continuous improvement are relevant to add value to business.

Clear documentation and ability to follow standards.

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: A leading global health and hygiene company that employing more than 55,000 people worldwide. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with operations in 37 countries, our products are sold in more than 150 countries. Our Latin American Operation represents approximately 16% of the total business with annual grow achieving double digit last five years. The Brazilian operation represents around 30% of LAO’s operation.

Employment Type Full time

Job Location São Paulo/SP

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